Code of Conduct

International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators
and Allied Workers Local #36



Professional Craftsman Code of Conduct

Membership Responsibilities


  • Will meet their responsibility utilizing?proper safety equipment and methods.
  • Meet the responsibility of proper care of?employer supplied tools.
  • Responsible to be fit for duty and?endorse a zero tolerance policy for?substance abuse.
  • Respect the property of the customer,?graffiti and waste will not be tolerated.
  • Slowdowns or other methods utilized to?extend jobs or provide for overtime will?not be tolerated.
  • Inappropriate behavior toward another?member or group of members will not be?tolerated.
  • Will not leave the worksite without prior?approval.
  • No use of cell phones will be allowed on?the project, except f0r lunch or break?periods.
  • Break times are limited to the time?allowed by the contract or Agreement(s).
  • Have all tools to meet the responsibility?as highly skilled qualified craftsmen.
  • Be responsible eliminating disruptions?on the work site.
  • Respect the customer, client, contractor?and the HFIAW by not wearing clothing?or buttons that contain offensive wording.
  • No unauthorized work stoppage or walk?off without prior approval of the Local?Union.
  • Adhere to the contractual startil”lg, lunch?and quitting times.
  • Will not solicit funds on any project?without the prior approval of the?Business Manager.
  • Will not sell any merchandise without the?approval of the Busioess Manager.

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